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Inspired by a DEF CON talk from Marc Newlin (MouseJack) and Samy Kamkar (RollJam) I was wondering what else could fit inside a good old Nintendo controller. The ones I am using are clones and can be found on ebay for about 4$. After some time of prototyping, cutting, soldering and programming I finally was able to get my ESP32 (Sparkfun Thing) with a Li-ion battery a ST7735 LCD and a small RFM69HW running.

At this point I2C sensors can be used with the controller which will then broadcast the readings via Websockets to a Webinteraface with gauge or to another cluster with the build in RFM69. With the help of some great C/C++ libraries forked for the well kown ESP8266 a future version should be capable of connecting a TI CC1101 or NRF24L01 Plug&Play simply with pin connectors.

NES Controller with an ESP32

Endless possibilities with a microcontroller inside a NES Controller. Read sensors, make a RF Scanner/Remote

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ISM Scanner 433MHz/ 868MHz/ 915MHz

Using an ESP32, ST7735 LCD and RFM69HW. Recording and sending ISM or other signals, or just do Homeautomation.

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Sensor reading with Webinterface

ESP8266/ESP32 reading temperature, airpressure, humidity and lux with a BME280 and BH1750

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433MHz signal pattern inspection

  Here are some of the devices I was analysing with a RTL-SDR dongle: Intertechno ITS-150 remote:                     Intertechno ITZ-500 timer[…]

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June 15, 2017 5

Using the Sloeber IDE for programming the Arduino/ESP8266/ESP32

  Beeing a full stack Java/Javascript developer I was a little bit disappointed by the Arduino IDE. Using IDEs like Eclipse, Netbeans or IntelliJ IDEA I was spoiled from all the[…]

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June 15, 2017 0

NES Controller – geek’s swiss army knife with ESP32 inside (ESP Thang)

  Using the ESP32 one can do the usual stuff with this setup. These are known by its predecessor the ESP8266. With the Arduino core for the ESP32 all the[…]

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June 12, 2017 4

Resistance Is Futile

It lies in your hands. Get a breadboard and go to github. Share your experience with us. We need to hack more stuff… 😛

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