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433MHz signal pattern inspection

  Here are some of the devices I was analysing with a RTL-SDR dongle: Intertechno ITS-150 remote:                     Intertechno ITZ-500 timer remote:                     Intertechno ITT-1500  remote:                     Düwi…
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June 15, 2017 5

Having an ESP32, ST7735 LCD and RFM69HW inside a NES Controller

  The following repositories were used for this project. Please notice that these are still under development. Use at your own risk! GitHub (C/C++): Arduino ESP32 core LCD driver RFM69 OOK driver   At some point a was using the Texas Instrument CC1101 RF module with the ESP8266 which gave me some results after using…
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June 11, 2017 21